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A mammogram is an x-ray exam of the breast that is used to detect and evaluate breast changes.

X-rays were first used to examine breast tissue a century ago, by the German surgeon, Albert Salomon. Modern mammography has only existed since the late 1960s, when special x-ray machines were designed and used just for breast imaging. Since then, the technology has advanced, and today’s mammogram is very different even from those of the ................. details.

Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses magnetic fields to create an image of the breast. It is more invasive than mammography because a contrast agent is given through an IV before the procedure.

At this time, breast MRI is mostly used in breast cancer diagnosis and staging. It is also used in breast cancer screening for women at higher risk.. ........details

Ultrasound imaging, alsocalled ultrasoud scanning orsonography, involves the use of a small transducer (probe and  ultrasound  gel to expose the body to high-frequency sound waves. Ultrasound is safe and painless, and produces pictures of the inside of the body using sound waves....... .details .

CT SCAN OF BREAST CANCER: Large lobulated mass in the left breast consistent with advanced cancer. Rounded lung metastases and large lytic bone metastasis in the left ilium no doubt responsible for the hypercalcaemia. details